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    The Benefits of a Home Water Cooler

    Americans consume an estimated 1,500 plastic water bottles every second. Most of those bottles will wind up in a landfill, where it will take several lifetimes to break down. In the quest for clean drinking water, bottled water is not the sustainable or environmentally friendly option. So, what is?

    Home water coolers.

    Bottleless water dispensers connect to your home’s water line and filter water at the point of access to give you unlimited access to clean drinking water.

    Why have a water dispenser at home? Let’s explore the benefits of having your own water cooler.

    Connects Directly to Your Water Line

    A bottleless home water dispenser connects directly to your water line. That means no bottles or plastic waste to worry about. It also means that you enjoy an endless supply of clean drinking water on demand.

    More Affordable Than Bottled Water

    Think bottled water is cheap? Think again.

    Data shows that:

    • Men spend, on average, $1,460 on bottled water annually
    • Women spend, on average, $1,065 on bottled water annually

    Keep in mind that these are conservative estimates. If you don’t buy your bottled water in bulk or buy premium brands, then you’re probably spending more.

    How much per month is a home water dispenser?

    When you choose bottleless water coolers from Cool Planet Water, you can save up to $500 per year by ditching bottled water. And you get access to unlimited water. Prices start at $30 per month.

    For a family of four, making the switch to bottleless home water coolers can save more than $4,000 per year.

    Cost savings is one of the greatest advantages of a home water cooler.

    Clean, Convenient, and Compact

    If you buy your bottled water in bulk, you know how much space they take up. The bigger your family or the more water you drink, the more space you’ll need to store your bottles or jugs.

    An in-home water dispenser is not only convenient but also compact. Rather than investing in big, bulky packs of bottled water or jugs of water, you have an endless supply of clean, filtered water right from the tap.

    The clean, sleek dispenser design makes it a functional and beautiful part of your home.

    Low Maintenance

    Bottleless water dispensers are easy to maintain. Because they connect directly to your water line, there’s no need to deal with big water jugs and bottle deliveries. There’s also no need to invest in an expensive, complicated home filtration system. You don’t need dedicated storage space in your home for water bottles.

    A home water cooler is a low-maintenance way to meet your family’s drinking water needs. Cool Planet Water also provides free yearly service and filter change. All you have to do is dispense your water and enjoy.

    Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Water Solution

    Bottled water is not only expensive – it’s also unsustainable.

    Plastic waste is polluting oceans and waterways across the world, and it’s also harming marine life and wildlife that rely on these waterways to survive.

    A bottleless home water cooler is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Why? Because you’re connecting to your home’s water line. You can feel good knowing that you’re not polluting the environment with plastic bottles and jugs.

    Keeps Water Chilled or Room Temperature

    Whether you’re craving an ice-cold glass of water or need room-temperature water for other uses, a cooler will meet your water temperature needs on-demand.

    Easy to Use

    Water coolers give you easy access to clean, fresh drinking water. There is no guesswork involved or complicated controls to learn.

    Just dispense water into your cup, and enjoy. Cool Planet Water’s coolers have separate dispensers for hot and cold water, making it even easier to meet your family’s water needs.

    Boiling Hot Water On Tap

    Boiling water the old-fashioned way takes time. We live in a busy world. When you want to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of tea or coffee, a bottleless water dispenser can provide boiling hot water on demand.

    A hot water dispenser is both convenient and time-saving. It’s just one more perk of having a home water cooler.

    Use with Jugs, Mugs, Glasses, Or Bottles

    Home water dispensers can fill virtually any type of cup. Whether you need to fill a whole jug for a day trip, a glass for lunch, or a mug for hot tea, your home dispenser has you covered.

    Healthier and Better Tasting Than Tap or Bottled Water

    Tap and bottled water are not always of the highest quality. The standards for bottled water are pretty lax on the local, state, and federal levels.

    In fact, research shows that there’s no guarantee bottled water is any safer than tap water. Other studies have found that bacteria, mold, and other contaminants are present in plastic bottles.

    A bottleless water cooler will provide you with filtered, clean, great-tasting water whenever you want it.

    Encourages You to Stay Hydrated

    When you have fresh, purified water available whenever you want it, it’s much easier to stay hydrated.

    We can all benefit from drinking more water, but it can be challenging to reach this goal. Having unlimited filtered water – hot or cold – available anytime will encourage you to drink more water.

    Contact Cool Planet Water Today

    A filtered water dispenser can provide a multitude of benefits for you and your family. From cost savings to convenience and easy use, there are so many reasons to invest in a water cooler for your home.

    If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a home water cooler, contact Cool Planet Water. Our family-owned business has the experience and knowledge to expertly install a bottleless water cooler in your residence.

    We offer a wide selection of high-quality water cooler products for every budget. Feel free to contact us through our website or call us at 866-201-1919. We would love to help you with your home drinking water needs!

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