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    Hands-Free Water Coolers in Orange County, CA and Beyond


    In today’s uncertain world, offices and retail businesses need a safe solution for dispensing pure, great-tasting drinking water. At Cool Planet Water, in Orange, CA, our touchless water dispensers help keep users safely hydrated while minimizing the spread of disease-causing germs in the workplace. And because a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t always work, we offer a wide selection of innovative touchless water coolers that are guaranteed to enhance office hygiene without breaking your budget.

    Executive Premium Hands-Free Cooler

    This sleek, stylish bottleless water dispenser features a dual temperature hot and cold system, spacious 10” refill opening, and high-efficiency sealed compressor. Available in both standard filter and osmosis filter models, our top-quality contactless dispenser uses your office’s existing water source to deliver a continuous supply of thirst-quenching, contaminant-free water for up to 30 users. An optional UV sterilizer is available upon request.


    Executive High-Capacity Countertop Touchless Cooler

    At a mere 16.5” tall, this low-profile water dispenser can be upgraded to deliver a totally hygienic operation while fitting easily under most standard cabinets. With its dual temperature control system, proximity sensor, and taller 10” opening for refills, this hands-free cooler uses a pressurized dispensing system and 1 gallon cold tank volume to quench the thirst of up to 30 people in the workplace.


    Purechill Low-Profile Countertop Hands-Free Cooler

    Enjoy the best of both worlds with this modern-looking contactless water dispenser. Ideal for any small office, wet bar, or break room, the Purechill’s closed system keeps environmental contaminants out while eliminating the need to buy costly tank sanitizers. At only 16.5” tall, this compact unit fits neatly under most standard cabinets and comes standard with a dual- temperature control and 10” tall opening. Once set up in your workplace, refilling large mugs, bottles, and cups is a breeze!


    Purechill Deluxe Touchless Cooler

    This stylish, high-capacity fresh water cooler combines a totally hygienic control touch pad with a hands-free dispensing faucet. Available in both standard filter and osmosis filter models, the Purechill Deluxe dispenser keeps pesky germs out without the need to buy expensive UV and Ozone tank sanitizers. Other product features include an integrated filter monitor, hot and cold temperature controls, and 10” tall fill opening that easily accommodates larger cups, reusable bottles, and mugs.


    Executive Deluxe Footswitch Hands-Free Cooler

    As one of the newest additions to our touchless dispenser product line, keeping your thirsty crew safely refreshed has never been easier thanks to this unit’s innovative foot-switch control system. Enjoy hot or cold water on demand simply by placing a mug, cup, or bottle in the fill area and holding the foot switch down. Once the container is full, simply release the foot switch and walk away!


    Touchless Conversion Kit

    Elevate your office hygiene game to a whole new level by conveniently converting your existing water coolers to totally hands-free operation. Compatible with most Cool Planet Water dispensers (Contact us for details!), this easy-to-install kit contains everything you’ll need to get started, including a sensor tower, replacement circuit board, connection cable, mounting tape, and simple-to-understand instructions. Adds approximately 4.5” to cooler height when installed.


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    • 449 W Allen Ave, #101
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    • 866-201-1919

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