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    Install A Hands-free Water Cooler Rental

    Provide your office with a bottomless supply of refreshment from dispensers that are well maintained. We have dispensers with cutting-edge technology. This means the appliances perform to the highest standards. Choose from a variety of available options. Get our hands-free water cooler rental and enjoy a fresh, ever-flowing drink.

    Using this appliance ensures that you have an unlimited supply of fresh beverage. We offer a stand alone unit that is touch-free. The space-saving design can be placed on counter-tops. You can dispense both hot and cold beverages. Save yourself also the labor of carrying heavy bottles while swapping empties.

    Our units are perfect for use in different areas. The machines can be installed anywhere you need refreshment. Place it in the reception area, at schools, offices and more. To correctly install the appliance, our technician can advise you accordingly.

    Eliminate plastic bottles and the need for extra storage. Save our environment. There will be fewer bottles in landfills.

    Our office water dispenser in Irvine, CA is stress-free to use. We provide maintenance and service for a low monthly price. Get rid of your beverage issues by using our machines. Get the liquid directly from your pipeline. Have plenty of beverage at hand whenever you need it.

    Our office water filtration provides great-tasting quality drink. The filtration technology used gets rid of contaminants. Our units save you from bad-tasting beverage. Get rid of chlorine and bad odor. Don’t miss out on our deals. The cost savings that you enjoy eventually add up compared to the cost per bottle that you would spend.

    Our technicians are equipped to provide maintenance services regularly. Schedule regular visits for inspections. We can replace any parts that are damaged or worn out.

    Contact us to take advantage of our offers. Discover the perfect solution for great-tasting water.

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