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    5 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again (And Five Alternatives)

    Many of us think drinking from plastic water bottles is safe and affordable. However, this is not the case at all. In truth, plastic water bottles can be damaging to your health and the environment. There are many reasons you should stop drinking bottled water. We’ll explore these reasons and give you five great alternatives to plastic bottled water. This way you can save money, improve your health, and reduce your carbon footprint!

    Top 5 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water

    1. Cost Per Gallon

    Bottled water costs more per gallon. Experts estimate that we pay over two-thousand times that amount of money for bottled water in comparison to filtered tap water. Many of us want to pay more for higher quality water. And this price might be okay if bottled water lived up to its claims.

    However, the truth is that you might not be getting the best quality water from plastic bottles. In reality, you are paying way more for substandard water!

    2. The Environmental Impact

    You might not realize it, but creating plastic water bottles requires many resources. Plastic bottles must be molded in factories, then filled with water. Afterward, they go through a lengthy shipping process as they are brought to consumers around the world. As a result, energy and natural materials are used up. This creates an increase in our carbon footprint.

    We can indeed recycle our plastic bottles to reduce the effects plastic has on the environment. However, not everyone recycles or has access to recycling options. And even when we do recycle, it takes hundreds of years for plastic to properly degrade. Furthermore, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), less than 10% of waste gets recycled due to a lack of infrastructure in the United States.

    In the meantime, any recycled plastic can pollute the landfill areas they are left in. This leads to water and soil contamination.

    3. Lax Regulations

    Bottled water is even less regulated than our tap water. While tap water requires heavy regulations from state and federal governments, bottled water, on the other hand, has very lax standards put in place. Plastic bottles are not tested in the same way our public water supply is.

    Some studies have even shown that contaminants, such as mold and bacteria, are present in plastic bottles. No one wants to drink unsafe and poorly regulated water.

    4. Negative Health Implications

    The presence of contaminants in plastic bottles has major health implications. As we talked about, mold and other microbes can flourish in water bottles. This can lead to illness and decreased health. In addition, plastic water bottles have the potential to leak out chemicals into your water.

    These chemicals can cause reproductive issues, increase the risk for cancer, and even heighten your risk for other chronic conditions like diabetes.

    5. Lots of Bottled Water Comes From The Tap

    Just because you pay more for your bottled water does not mean that it is cleaner than your tap water. In fact, the bottled water you drink likely originates from the tap. Many of us mistakenly assume that our bottled water comes from springs and other freshwater sources. In most cases though, this is not true. Most bottled water is just filtered or radiated tap water.

    Companies are charging you extra for the water you already have in your home. Instead of paying more, you should consider going with a bottleless water dispenser or filter.

    5 Alternative Options To Bottled Water

    1. Tap Water

    Many people scoff at the idea of drinking from the tap. However, as we discussed before, tap water is properly regulated. Again, bottled water can be filled with chemicals and other undesirable organisms and impurities. Tap water is less likely to have these issues. As a result, tap water is actually safer for you to consume than water from plastic bottles.

    2. Faucet Filter

    Water filtration systems are another safe option for you and your family. You can easily attach a faucet filter to your sink for a reasonable cost. Several products exist that can help keep your water high-quality and contaminant free.

    You will save yourself a lot of money with filtered faucet water. And you will improve on the safety of your tap water. Best of all, you know that you are getting better quality water than you would from a plastic bottle.

    Still, this device requires frequent filter changes and does not fit with all faucets. It can also lower the flow of your water. So you want to think about this when choosing a bottleless water option for your home.

    3. Water Filter Pitcher

    If you don’t want to attach anything to your sink or water system, you can always go with a water filter pitcher. This bottleless water option is cost-effective. But know that not all the contaminants in your water will be removed by a pitcher.

    Water filter pitchers are safer than plastic bottles, but they are not as efficient as faucet filters. Still, this can be a great choice for anyone who wants to stop using plastic water bottles.

    4. Whole House Filtration System or Under Sink Filtration

    Another alternative to plastic bottles is a water filtration system. You can have this filtration system installed into your whole home or under one of your sinks. The cost of having a filtered water system set up in your home is steep. But it is worth the money to invest in this choice. Still, know that filtration systems require frequent filter changes which can add up your expenses over time.

    5. Bottleless Water Dispenser

    If you want the best water drinking option though, we recommend going with a bottleless water dispenser. Bottleless water dispensers save you the most money out of any of the options we have listed. This is due to the convenience and efficiency of these products. When you rent a water dispenser, maintenance and filter changes are included.

    You don’t have to worry about spending extra money on filter renewal. The filters also last longer in the dispenser. Furthermore, you have a variety of filtering options to choose from with the bottleless water dispenser. From UV to alkaline, to standard filtration and reverse osmosis, there are plenty of ways to keep your water safe and pure with a dispenser.

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