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    Five Surprising Benefits Of Water Dispenser Rental

    Whether for your home or office, a water cooler rental can make your life infinitely easier. You’ll have the benefit of clean, fresh-tasting, potable water with little labor or inconvenience. At Cool Planet Water, we know that consumers love the freedom and flexibility our products provide. However, we also know that there are several surprising benefits of water dispenser rental that commonly go overlooked. That’s why we’re sharing them here.

    Renting rather than buying a water cooler gives you access to the latest and most innovative dispenser designs. We offer touchless water coolers that emit streams of cold or hot water on demand, without the need for physical contact. During the flu and cold season and at other times when transmissable illness is a major concern, this limits the spread of germs. It also makes it easier to keep your system entirely bacteria-free.

    Choosing a rental plan also makes it easier for companies with modest budgets to get rid of their old, outdated dispensers. If you take your water cooler apart and inspect its internal components, you might discover that it’s rife with germs. This is often the case for offices that have been using the same hands-on units for years, if not decades.

    If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to do something good for the environment, this is it. You don’t have to pay a veritable fortune at start-up, and you can get rid of your disposable water bottle orders. Having a place for people to fill their personal cups or bottles up limits water waste and minimizes the environmental impact of entire households and offices. Best of all, many options connect directly to the water supply so that there’s no need to save and turn old, five-gallon bottles in when you’re ready for a refill.

    Finally, our systems offer superior water filtration. Although the water that comes out of your tap has been municipally treated, it still has legally allowed amounts of highly toxic contaminants. Moreover, many municipal water treatment processes introduce a number of unsavory toxins during sterilization such as chlorine, chloramine and fluoride. You can order a dispenser that eliminates these contaminants, and more. For additional information, get in touch with Cool Planet Water today!

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