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    Water Cooler Suppliers Advise On Where Best To Place Your Dispenser In The Office

    There isn’t a hard and fast rule on where to place your dispenser in the office. In most cases, individuals will choose to situate the equipment either in the kitchen or in the reception. However, according to water cooler suppliers, these are not the only places you can utilize. Other areas will work just as well, as discussed below.

    Against a wall

    Wherever you put the dispenser, it’s ideal to place it against a wall. This will prevent it from getting in the way and tripping someone. It will also reduce the chances of it getting dirty faster since people will come into less contact with it.

    In a cool dry place

    Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping it away from direct light will help to keep the dispenser in good condition. It’s less likely to fade or experience increased wear and tear on its material. Ensure that the surface is level.

    Break room

    The break room is one of the most utilized spaces in any office. Having the dispenser there ensures that employees can access it when chatting or socialising. This is usually during lunchtime or whenever they take a break.

    Hydration station

    Create a hydration station anywhere in the office using bottleless water coolers. If you have an open floor plan, have the hydration stations scattered throughout the room. Since workers can easily reach a station, they will be more likely to grab a drink whenever they want.


    After acquiring your office water cooler rental unit, there are many place where you can put it. The perfect spot is in a location that will encourage as many people as possible to access and drink the water easily. If it’s in a hard-to-reach place, many individuals will get discouraged from drinking from it.

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