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    Learn Four Ways That Touchless Water Coolers Fullerton Can Reduce The Spread Of Germs In Workplaces

    Installing quality coolers remains a hygienic and convenient way to provide access to clean drinking water in offices, public spaces, and other settings. These units use infrared sensors and other touchless technologies to dispense fluids without the need for manual contact, helping to reduce the risk of germ transmission. In addition to their hygienic benefits, such a cooler offers a number of other advantages, such as the ability to filter and purify the waters, advanced hygiene features, and convenience for users. In this article, we discuss to four ways that touchless water coolers in Fullerton can reduce the spread of germs and create a healthy environment for everyone.

    No Need to Touch Faucets and Buttons

    Our modern coolers allow you dispense without coming into contact with any shared surfaces, such as faucets and buttons. This advancement helps to reduce the risk of spreading germs through direct contact to with dispensers. Touchless technology such as infrared sensors, allows you to simply hold your cup or bottle under the spout to quench your thirst. You will enjoy using your cooler without the need for manual contact.

    No Bacteria and Contaminants

    Touchless coolers use various filtration systems to remove impurities and contaminants from the water. These systems help to improve the taste and quality and minimize the risk of illness from consuming contaminated proudct. They use reverse osmosis via a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities and contaminants, while carbon filtration uses activated carbon during purification. Also, there is UV light treatment that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the waters. Our modern contactless water dispensers Orange County also use technologies like ozone injection to further purify the product and keep it fresh for drinking.

    Better hygiene

    These coolers have more advanced hygiene features than traditional dispensing fountains, such as automatic cleaning cycles and UV light sanitation. Such capabilities help to minimize the presence of germs on the office water cooler rental that you outsource. We install units with automatic cleaning cycles that help remove any buildup of dirt or bacteria on the unit. On the other hand, the UV light sanitation can kill germs on contact, which may never be easy when using the conventional cooling units.

    Encourages Hand Washing

    Some of the cooling units we install for you have built-in hand sanitizer dispensers or are placed in close proximity to hand washing stations. The aim is to encourage users to wash their hands before and after filling their bottles. This unique installation can help to further minimize the spread of germs at workplace. Proper hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness. Additionally, our convenient placement of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations can encourage users to adopt good hygiene habits.

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