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    Why You Should Consider Touchless Water Cooler Rental In Fullerton

    Having a water cooler on your job site is a simple and and affordable way to keep employee morale high. Depending upon the working conditions of your crew, it can also be essential for maintaining compliance with basic workplace standards. However, during a time when people are increasingly concerned about the transmission of illness, choosing a touchless water cooler rental in Fullerton is far better than buying a low-quality, low-thrills cooler of your own.

    Bottleless water cooler rentals also make a lot of sense in the current climate. Choosing an option that doesn’t need to be refilled will prove much cheaper over time than using a system that requires regular drop-offs of purified water. These systems are tied directly into your own plumbing and they offer point-of-use filtration that eliminates many of the most common and most harmful contaminants. Your team can have clean and fresh-tasting water all of the time, and you can minimize your use of plastic, limit the amount of fuel that’s used for water deliveries, and minimize your environmental impact in other ways.

    If you’ve ever taken an old water cooler apart to clean it, then you know that bacteria and other germs don’t need much to flourish. At the interior of the units, just under their nozzles and drain grates, and other removable parts, you’ll often find foggy, murky accumulations that are rife with slimy bacteria. Mold can flourish in these spaces too. Worse still, many of these pathogens found their way into these areas as the result of high-contact surfaces. Every time that someone touches a nozzle or other surface component, dangerous germs are transferred from their hands onto the cooler unit.

    Touchless options are the best choice for office water cooler rental as they eliminate contact entirely. This turns coolers from high-contact, high-risk surfaces for germ transfer, to surfaces that can remain germ-free indefinitely. It minimizes the risk of illness and limits the amount of maintenance that you have to do in order to keep this essential fixture clean.

    There are also benefits in opting to rent a touchless unit. Although the unit your receive might represent the latest and most innovative water cooler design right now, new innovations are constantly being made in this industry. Our rental contracts allow our clients to upgrade their coolers as old designs become obsolete or as the needs and preferences of their employees evolve. Give us a call today to find out more!

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