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    Three Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Office Water Dispenser In Irvine CA

    There are several small things that employers can do to have a major impact on team morale. Foremost among these is investing in the right comfort and convenience amenities for the workspace. Given the importance of good hydration and the high cost of purchasing pure, potable water while on the clock, shopping for an office water dispenser in Irvine CA is a great way to get started. Read on to discover three things to keep in mind as you make this important selection.

    To start, you should focus on limiting both waste and your ongoing spending. A bottleless water dispenser is ideal for environmentally-conscious companies with lots of people to serve. There’s no cleaning, storing, or transporting of water bottles. Instead, every one can enjoy on-demand water supplies. Opting for a bottleess water cooler rental will also eliminate the need for employees to heft and remove heavy five-gallon jugs on their own.

    It’s also important to pay attention to water filtration levels. The best office water dispensers provide far more than just potable water. They also provide water that’s had all or nearly all of its chemical impurities improved. You can look for options that eliminate the chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride that’s added as part of municipal water treatment processes.

    Hot and cold service is another important feature to look for. You’re employees can use a dispenser with hot and cold service to refill their personal water bottles, cook their noodles and other lunchtime meals, or quickly make hot cups of tea. These options in dispensers meet the greatest possible range of needs, and they tend to come with additional, cutting-edge features that make them all the more enjoyable to use.

    You can purchase a water dispenser for your office or you can rent one. Rented options come with lower upfront costs. They also include ongoing maintenance and the ability to cheaply upgrade this equipment over time. To find out more or to speak with one of our in-house sales reps, get in touch with Cool Planet Water today!

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