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    Three Reasons To Invest In Our Office Water Cooler Rental In Santa Ana CA

    At Cool Planet Water, we pride ourselves on supplying cutting-edge solutions for office hydration. After all, when your team is able to drink fresh, pure water whenever they want or need it, morale will remain high and productivity will too. The water cooler has been a longtime staple in offices throughout the world, serving as an important meeting place for workers who want to get a drink, blow off steam, and discuss the challenges that they’re facing. However, with our office water cooler rental in Santa Ana CA, you can get something truly unique. Our systems are completely bottleless, easy to maintain, and incredibly easy to use. Read on to discover three solid reasons for having one of these systems installed.

    As a top-rated water cooler supplier in Anaheim CA, we know just how cumbersome and problematic traditional coolers can be. Someone in the office has to be responsible for hefting and replacing massive five-gallon jugs. This can be an issue if you have anyone in the building who’s with child, mobility challenged, or simply unable to managed this task. Moreover, lifting filled five-gallon jugs and positioning them on coolers just so is a sure way to get a neck, back or shoulder injury.

    Our systems are tapped directly into the building’s water supply line. They purify water before it hits cups or mugs so that all chemical contaminants are removed. They provide fresh-tasting, delicious water supplies, and without the need to periodically remove and replace heavy plastic jugs.

    One very obvious benefits of upgrading to a bottleless water dispenser in Anaheim CA is the ability to limit your company’s impact on the natural environment. Even though the plastic jugs that are used by delivery companies are recycled and reused, producing them takes an environmental toll. As more businesses switch to our far more efficient solutions, the demand for these products will invariably decline.

    There is also no need to wait for deliveries. You won’t have to worry about running out of fresh, potable water so long as your office’s water supplies are active and accessible. Once we drop your system off and install it, you’ll only need to schedule periodic appointments for system maintenance. Our team will also give you detailed information on the highly effective purification process that our equipment uses so that you can know just how fresh, healthy, and downright delicious your new water supply system is guaranteed to be.

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