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    The Health Benefits Of Bottleless Water Dispenser Rentals At The Workplace

    Providing something clean to drink at your workplace is extremely important to your employees and clients. This is both socially and healthwise. Here are some of the major benefits of bottleless water dispenser rentals.

    Better hydration

    One of the more immediate and obvious results of having an office water dispenser in Irvine is improved hydration. This enhances the mood and productivity of employees in the long term.

    Reduced health risk

    A touchless water cooler rental promotes better sanitization. There is a reduced risk of contamination since there is no exposed tap. Hence chances of getting in contact with pathogens that can cause diseases leading to vomiting and diarrhea are reduced. This reduces the absence rate among employees.

    Minimize workplace injuries

    Since there are no heavy bottles to be lifted, chances of workplace injury are avoided. This protects your employees. Also, there will be no need for bulky storage space. Our service comes with a servicing and maintenance agreement.

    Reduce stress

    Workers have to get up and walk to get a drink. This helps them to stretch their legs and get some exercise. The result is reduced stress and fewer chances of headaches due to hydration. This also helps to improve digestion.

    Enhanced concentration

    Dehydration can lead to loss of concentration. Being thirsty also causes fatigue and tiredness. But by being well hydrated, employees can minimize discomfort and will be able to regulate their body temperature better. This will help to boost your employee’s energy levels and productivity.

    Improved digestion

    By staying hydrated, your workers can help to improve their digestion. Lack of enough fluids in the body can result in too much acid in the stomach. This can cause ulcers and heartburn. But by being hydrated, your workers can avoid these digestion issues.

    Better moods

    One of the best and most inexpensive ways to lift your worker’s moods is by ensuring they’re hydrated. This enhances their serotonin and dopamine levels. This will reduce anxiety levels among your employees.

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