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    Top Reasons To Invest In Bottleless Water Dispenser Rental

    Water dispenser rentals are great for keeping an accessible supply of fresh, potable water for employees that’s already filtered and cool. There’s a vast range of options to choose from, including dispensers that heat water on contact for preparing soups and other common break-room foods. However, no matter which equipment features and capabilities you choose, opting for bottleless water dispenser rental is best. At Cool Planet Water, we want to share several important reasons why.

    Bottled water dispensers are heavy to lift. Having your team members heft awkward, five-gallon jugs can lead to onsite injuries. People can strain their necks, backs, and shoulders or put too much pressure on their hips and knees. Worse still, if you’re staffed by people who cannot safely or fully lift new bottles of water, your team might have to make do without this important resource until another party arrives.

    With bottleless water dispenser rentals, there’s also less of an opportunity for harmful, waterborne pathogens to grow. There are fewer parts for people to touch with their hands and fewer opportunities to introduce harmful bacteria. After all, the only parts that people touch is the actual water dispensing unit.

    Water cooler suppliers that offer these products are committed to helping consumers save money. Rather than paying for water, you’ll simply pay for the dispenser itself and not for regular water delivery. These units are connected directly to plumbing systems and their fresh water supplies. Before dispensation, they filter water to extract chemical contaminants and particulates. This leaves the resulting water cleaner, fresher-tasting, and better-smelling than tap water.

    You also have the chance to choose your preferred level of filtration. We offer products that address the unique needs and wishes of our clientele. From eliminating common municipal water-sanitizing agents like chlorine and chloramine to extract harmful forever chemicals and unwanted additions like fluoride, many of the latest filtration units can do it all. To find out more about our products or start shopping our online catalog, get in touch with Cool Planet Water now!

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