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Bottleless Water Coolers for Rent

Cool Planet Water rents, instals and services bottleless water coolers to commercial customers throughout Southern California. Our service area includes Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties and is supported by in-house technicians.

 RENT SPECIAL:                                              
 For $25/month we provide:                             

    Rental of Hot & Cold Bottleless Water Cooler with Carbon Filters plus: 

  1. Free Cooler Installation. By an in-house technician. (Assumes close proximity to the water supply*)
  2. Free Scheduled Filter Changes. Cool Planet Water even manages the schedule for you.
  3. Free Maintenance in the event of a system defect
  4. Discounts available for multiple units and Cook & Cold Units 

  • We offer a wide variety of bottleless water coolers for rental that either sit on a countertop or on the floor and are ideal for companies with 5 or more employees. We provide systems that employ purification technologies that range from Filtration to Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Violet. (UV). Please call for system and pricing options.

• For those folks who dont want to be bothered by the details of owning and maintaining a water cooler system. Changing the filters on a schedule, troubleshooting a system malfunction, relocating it etc, Cool Planet Water Rental Service is the solution. 

• Going from a bottled water delivery program to a bottleless water cooler rental program was never so easy and it saves you money too.


* Nominal Installation fee may apply for more complex installs & locations outside of LA & Orange Counties

Water Cooler Rental Plans.
We offer automatic payment by credit card for Rental Programs. Please subscribe to your specified plan and payments will be charged automatically every 3 months.  

Rental Plan #1 ($60/ Qtr)


Rental Plan #2 ($75/ Qtr)   


Rental Plan #3 ($81/ Qtr)

Rental Plan #4 ($90/Qtr)

Rental Plan # 5 ($99/Qtr)

Rental Plan # 6 ($102/Qtr)

Cool Planet Water
5848 Naples Plaza, Unit 202
Long Beach, CA 90803

Customer Service Telephone: 562 439 9102

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