Southern California's Leader in Bottleless Water Coolers
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 are Southern California's leader in Bottleless Water Coolers and Point of Use Water Dispensers. We provide service beyond just a delivered box and an installation manual. We work with our customers to choose the correct bottleless water dispenser to suit their specific needs, we deliver and instal units using our own in-house technicians and service the units to ensure great tasting drinking water for your office or facility. We also offer unbeatable prices. In short...we believe in service.
 Our wide selection of  water dispensers provide an unlimited supply of pure, fresh drinking water that tastes terrific and is cooled to perfection and at a fraction of the cost of office water deliveries. 

We supply Bottleless Water Coolers with options for filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) or UV, countertop or floor standing and a wide variety of colors and looks.

Water Cooler Rental: We rent, instal and service bottleless water coolers for large and small commercial customers in Southern California. Our service area is Los Angeles, Orange & Riverside Counties.  Rentals begin at $27 per month per unit for a Hot & Cold bottleless water cooler which includes filters, installation and scheduled filter changes.   
Please see our Bottleless Cooler Rental tab for details.  

Water Cooler Sales: We respresent Vertex and MTN branded water coolers and  sell and ship our extensive line of bottleless water dispensers to customers throughout the continental United States and support them on an ongoing basis with a selection of filters and membranes. Our prices are unbelievable! We also provide installation services for customers located in Southern CaliforniaPlease see our Bottleless Cooler Sales tab for details.

Cool Planet Water is dedicated to sincerity, service and satisfaction. We are motivated by the belief that good drinking water doesn't need to be Expensive, Heavy or delivered in a manner that is detrimental to our Environment.  We eliminate the need for water delivery trucks, unsightly plastic bottles and the perils of hoisting 42lbs bottles onto a cooler.   


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